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Brewer's Yeast Tablet—Green Life

Price NT$ 680

Provides a full range of vitamin B complex
●Product Name: Brewer's Yeast Tablet—Green Life
●Place of Origin: France
●Size: 500 grams x 500 tablets / bottle
●Specialty: The nutritional yeast cultivated by "hops" can provide a comprehensive healthy benefits of vitamin B complex. It can help to maintain health, promote appetite, and digestion. It is very helpful for fast pace busy people, developing children, pregnant women, middle-aged and elderly people, and vegetarians.
●Ingredients: Brewer's yeast powder, apple fiber, silicon dioxide (nutritional additives), magnesium stearate (used for quality improvement, brewing, and food manufacturing agents).
●Direction: 2 times a day, use after meals, 5-10 tablets for adults, 2-5 tablets for children.
●Effective date: 3 years at a cool and dry place.