Vegetarian XO sauce with mushrooms—QYZ3
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Vegetarian XO sauce with mushrooms—QYZ

Price NT$ 260

●Product name: Vegetarian XO sauce with mushrooms—QYZ
●Place of Origin: Taiwan 
●Size: 250 grams / can 
●Ingredients: sunflower oil, wood nut oil, aged soy sauce, non-genetically modified soy protein, gluten, shiitake mushrooms, two sugar, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, cardamom, chili, licorice, toon, vitamin E. 
●Direction: eat directly or dip it. Mix with all kinds of fried rice, or stir with noodles, or as vegetable condiments. 
●Best use: 2 years unpacked in a cool and dry place, 3 months after open and refrigerated below 5℃ to avoid moisture. 
●Preservation method: do not store in direct sunlight or humid places, please refrigerated after opening, and use it as soon as possible after open to prevent deterioration.