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Bao Gan Pei —Gu Zhen Yi Enzyme Powder


Energetic and Full Of Power.
Office workers are tired at work, the laborers are physically exhausted, and those who often entertain themselves, increase their physical strength and energetic.


●Product name: Bao Gan Pei —Gu Zhen Yi Enzyme Powder
●Place of Origin: Taiwan
●Contents: 2.5g × 30 packs, 2.5g × 10 packs
●Ingredients: Antrodia camphorata mycelium (Antrodia camphorata solid-state culture), Ashitaba fermented concentrated powder, Ischne lotus fermented concentrated powder, turmeric fermented concentrated powder, Schisandra fermented concentrated powder, mulberry fermented concentrated powder, raw germinated brown rice fermented concentrated powder, raw black beans Bud fermented powder
●How to eat: 1 time a day, 1 sachet each time, can be increased to 2 times according to personal needs, the best time to eat around 9:00 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon.
●Shelf life: 3 years at room temperature (stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight; please eat as soon as possible after unpacking)
●Expiration date: marked on the package (day/month/year)