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Over the years, we have established a healthy,
organic and biotechnology corporate image through "green living".

The main research and development, production,
import and agency of related products in line with the ten laws of overall health.

Including: NEPP peptide polyphenol series,
in vivo environmental protection series, nutrition and health care series,
vegetable and fruit seasoning, delicious sauce, seasoning vinegar, healthy oil,
natural and organic handmade pasta,
energy water purifier, body skin care... etc.


Xuan Huan International's ideals

Ten Ways to Overall Health


‧Environmental protection in the body. Detoxification

‧Three guarantees of life. Balanced nutrition

‧Healthy diet. Daily health care

‧Water enzyme vinegar. Adjust physical fitness

‧Health testing. Function conditioning

‧Tai Chi Health. Exercise and health

‧Body and skin care. Youth and beauty

‧Air and sunshine.Environment beautification

‧Living regularly. Emotion management

‧Purifying the mind. Joy in life


Hope to bring us
Body, mind, and spirit

Overall health goals



Taiwan invention patent. NEPP patented process
Invention No. I624226


Inventor Teacher     Lin Ge-Fan  &  Dr. Wu Ting-Yi

Advanced technology research and development of
NEPP peptide polyphenol process


Leading the way into a new era of
plant-based peptide polyphenols


●Using different natural food materials, using the biological lysis mode of
single probiotics to carry out the biological nanotechnology process,
and produce the most effective natural plant extract materials.

●High-efficiency natural plant extract materials contain a large number of
peptides and polyphenols, and the total polyphenol content of
individual plant extract materials is tested.

●Using the innovative model of golden ratio,
quickly screen different formulas and compound combinations,
and quickly find the best golden ratio with the highest total polyphenol content.

●According to the experimental results, the resistance and protection ability of
the best golden ratio can be at least three to five times more effective than
the average individual prescription.

●After NEPP patented manufacturing process, NEPP components of
natural plant extract peptide polyphenols can be produced.
In the invention patents, NEPP components can be used to upgrade the raw.

Leading the way into a new era of
plant-based peptide polyphenols

NEPP Peptide Polyphenol Process Patent Process Patent

The enzyme products manufactured by its special manufacturing process are highly effective,

surpassing the food grade, and have very good effects on human body function health,
nourishing youth and beauty, and comprehensive physical fitness adjustment.

NEPP Peptide Polyphenol Process Patent Bubble Tea Patent

The superoxide disproportionation of tea composition containing different

mixed products, tea composition has excellent health care results,
and its application in the development of health food production has great potential.


Advanced technology research and development of
NEPP peptide polyphenol process






Serious service. Sincere management.
Respectfully invite cooperation.


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