SONG HAN 101 Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Liquid Enzyme SONG HAN 101 Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Liquid Enzyme http://www.green-life.com.tw/en/product_1408413.html Fruit and vegetable essence Patented process The key to health Healthy and sustainable lifestyle ●Product name: SONG HAN 101 Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Liquid Enzyme●Place of Origin: Taiwan●Content: 750ml/bottle●Ingredients: Noni, pineapple, lemon, mulberry, avocado, grapefruit, apple, tomato, mango, white grape, blueberry, dragon fruit, cherry, cranberry, orange, banana, green plum, guava (Tubal ), raspberry, black currant, perilla seed, longan meat, perilla plum, black date, red papaya, green papaya, loofah, courgette, pumpkin, large cucumber, pink mushroom, white fungus, oyster mushroom, black fungus, pleurotus eryngii, Ganoderma lucidum, Enoki mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, coral mushroom, Golden mushroom, black sesame, black bean, mung bean, red bean, soybean, red lentil, millet, buckwheat, almond, stone kernel, chia seed, cassia seed, loquat leaf, guava leaf, ashitaba, cinnamon, mulberry leaves, olives, licorice, rapeseed, turmeric, carrots, green peppers, bamboo ginger, yam, asparagus, cauliflower, imperial palace vegetables, sweet potato leaves, spinach, okra, pak choy, burdock, cabbage, Taiwanese lettuce, Vegetable Fern, Green Kale, Bitter Gourd, Red Amaranth, Wild Amaranth, Red Phoenix Vegetable, Red Sweet Potato Leaf, Kohlrabi, Long Bean, Beetroot, Purple Cabbage, Black Beet Leaf, Broccoli, Seedless Jujube sugar, inulin fiber, xylose yeast, brewer's yeast, probiotics, xylitol, lactic acid bacteria, multivitamin minerals, vitamin B complex, molasses, isomalt, sorbitol.●How to eat:1. Shake the bottle up and down before use, then pour it into the cup and enjoy.2. Once a day in the morning and evening, each 30C.C. enzyme stock solution with 120 C.C. drinking water (below 45°C) is the best. 1408413
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SONG HAN 101 Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Liquid Enzyme